You can perform scanning in our laboratory or simply provide the initial data:

  • Samples of any shape and condition are suitable for shooting, it is not necessary to use perfect shaped petrophysical cylinders
  • We use Bruker certified equipment. Special scan adjustments should be done to achieve the best result when calculating rock properties

Data processing

Our solutions allow:

  • Calculating petrophysical trends (porosity, permeability, residual water saturation) for poorly consolidated reservoir rocks
  • Calculating rock permeability in 10-100 millidarcy range – reproduced and reliable data in this range, unfortunately, is a rare thing today
  • Obtaining an array of petrophysical data for limited number of core samples


Tomography is not an instrument to measure reservoir rock properties. Any final information is a result of mathematical algorithm application:

  • Clear comparison of laboratory and calculation data is a rarity in the field of rock tomographic research.
  • Our methods and algorithms for calculating of porosity, permeability and residual water saturation shown themselves to be universal for real oilfield core analysis.

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